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About me

Name: Dane

Age: 38

Location: Raleigh, NC

Interests: I love the band Phish!



  • Mar 24th 201020:03
    by Dane's Mom


    I’d like to add some descriptors: creative, humorous, compassionate, loyal, and brave. I’m very proud of you for setting this site up for yourself, your family, and others who might find themselves on this journey. Love, Mom

  • Mar 31st 201008:03
    by Rob Michel


    You are in my thoughts every day, bro. Hang in there and get well soon!

  • Jun 16th 201021:06
    by Gwen Herb


    I am so sorry you had this serious operation. I had no idea you were having this problem. You are big and strong, with lots of support, and am sure you will be back to normal real soon. Eric had mentioned it awhile back, but your blog really helps see what you went through.
    We wish you the best, and am hopeful this ordeal leaves you better than ever.
    Love, Gwen and Jim

  • May 20th 201208:05
    by Cassie


    Dear Dane,
    I find that I missed meeting with you when you did some “work” at our hospital switchboard, though I have heard nothing but what a “cute guy” and how you are “perfect” for me since you left. (If you remember, St. Anthony’s in Effingham, and all of those crazy switch board gals, I think you’d understand. ESPECIALLY Betty and Kim M., Whom are you BIGGEST supporters of the aforementioned.) Good Luck with everything, and if you ever want to chat, this should give you my email? if not, it’s casandra.anne@gmail.com

    Cassie Miller

    PS You are Hilarious

  • Aug 29th 201221:08
    by Bob Hammer


    HiDane, I am a 2 time camera survivor as well out in Cali…give me a shout…

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