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Forever alone…

I just had a forever alone moment.

The hospital called me to go through the pre surgery interview. The questions were the standard, are you allergic to any medications, what other medical issues do you have, bla bla bla… Then she asked me this,

Nurse: Dane, do you snore at night?

Me: I think I might.

Nurse: When you snore, is it loud? Louder than normal speaking volume?

Me: hmmm. I am not really sure.

Nurse: Does your snoring keep anyone awake at night?

Me: Ma’am, there is no one here at night to hear me when I snore.

Nurse: awwww…

Forever Alone…


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  • Apr 9th 201223:04
    by Ducy


    Dane, you aren’t alone. I’m alone with you, only in a different room, in a different city, and a different state, but we are alone together, just not together…PS;
    Your testicle looks like a potato.
    Hang in there!

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