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BEP Chemo Round 2 – Day 4 – Hell Week

8:18am – feeling groovy!

Saline is flowing and day four is underway. I have had an amazing response to my second round thus far. I had the same response last night on day three that I had in round one. Hiccups! I took the thorazine I was given for the hiccups (apparently not that uncommon) but it took two over the course of 6 hours before they really worked. I find what does work, and I know it sounds crazy, is eating a spoonful of white granulated sugar. That kills the hiccups within seconds. It needs to be repeated every 45 mins so it is not recommended for diabetics but it does work.

I thought I would also post comparison pics of the tumor on the left side. This is the larger and only remaining tumor remaining at this point since treatment has been working as planned. The tumor is actually wrapped around the renal artery going into my left kidney. It is a bit tough to see  in these photos but the mass has reduced quite a bit in size, 89% to be exact. This is based on the calculations of the entire measurements of the mass.

The photo on the left is from 12-21-11 and the photo on the right is from 1-27-12 (click to enlarge)


Here is what a days worth of chemo looks like for me (all three photos are the same just different angles). The only thing missing in this bunch is the Bleomycin but that is a push from a syringe and is quite small. The bags on the left are the saline I take in during a normal chemo day totaling about 2 liters and the bags on the right are my favorite vintage of chemo (etoposide and cisplatin). Each is given one at a time so as to not “poison” me too much.



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