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BEP Chemo Round 2 – Day 3 – Hell Week

7:45am –  I got in a bit early this morning since my chemo nurse had a staff meeting so I am the only one here in the chemo room for the next hour or so. It is quite nice being able to sit here without faking conversation with other patients and their guests. Because of my size, personality and demeanor people sort of figure that I am all about chatting it up whist sitting here. Not so, I prefer to stay the “Socially Awkward Penguin” that I am… Here is your daily internet meme reference for those not familiar with this particular internet meme. I find that I associate with this quite often so here are a few examples..


Last night I had only some slight stomach gurgling, much like one with indigestion has. I took some of my nausea meds and was fine. Not really worth noting but since I have so little else to report on in the side effects category I may as well report something!

I did find out some interesting news from my chemo nurse about the Neupagen (bone marrow growth stimulant) that I was given last week. The nurse (chemo) told me yesterday that after hearing me describe my pains related to the injections she looked into my dosage and found that it was 480 (units) versus the 360 (units) they normally give people. This would explain why I was feeling the pulses of body numbing pain all the way down to my toes versus just my sternum and hips as was expected. She decided that in the coming doses we will reduce it to the 360 (units) that normal humans take. Note: I say units there because I have no clue what measurement she was using and I know the second I post something like mL someone out there will jump on me, so I was covering my ass! :)


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  • May 22nd 201207:05
    by Cassie


    I completely understand the Socially Awkward Penguin, so few people realize that I am the same way, most of the time. Unless I’m at work, then I’m not allowed to be…

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