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BEP Chemo Round 2 – Day 1 – Hell Week

The last few days have been pretty busy so I thought I would catch up here a bit.

First things first, I am starting up my second round of chemo today and am, in fact, sitting with the IV back in my arm getting my pre meds. As I have mentioned before, the first round of chemo was a “test” in hopes that the tumors were responsive. If they were not then we would have gone the surgery route, however yesterday I had my follow up post chemo CTscan. The CTscan indicates that the tumors have not only been responsive but have actually reduced quite a bit in size. To be exact, one tumor is now “no longer identified”… Meaning it is gone. The other tumor has gone from the size of 8.3 x 5.7 x 6.9cm to 5.5 x 2.8 x 2.4cm. This is about an 89% reduction in size. This was welcomed news because it means I will not need to explore the alternative; surgery. I never really spoke/wrote about the surgery option because of what it really meant. Aside from the surgery being very long, the worst part of option two is the fact that it meant that we would be dealing with teratoma cancer cells. This is a nasty type of cancer that spreads VERY quickly and cannot be killed by chemo or radiation, instead it requires surgery. Needless to yesterday’s CTscan results were very exciting.



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  • Jan 25th 201223:01
    by Slaus


    Friggin awesome news!!!!

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