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BEP Chemo Round – Day 16 – Round 1


The hair loss has begun…..

Hair loss

I showered this morning and found quite a few hairs in my hand so I pulled on some of the hair on my head and there was a nice little chunk of hair between my fingers. Same with my chest hair. It comes right out when I pull on it. Arm and leg hair is not coming out yet as far as I can tell although I am told that is next. I feel like a kid finally going through puberty! How exciting!! I finally feel like this chemo thing is real..I mean up until now I have not had the side effects that the others are having so the hair loss is my only little milestone thus far to put towards the “Chemo Experience”.



  • Jan 19th 201216:01
    by Slaus


    That is from your head yes?

  • Jan 22nd 201209:01
    by Hilary


    Thinking of you! And send more pics of those cool caps! :)

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