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Having a blast in NYC seeing old friends.

Here is a photo of my friend Michelle, a friend of mine from 19 years ago. We went to school together at The Boston Conservatory of Music.



Update is long overdue.

So I am going to make a very long story short since I am in a bit of a hurry at the moment.

I went to Indiana to see Dr. Einhorn and have Dr. Foster perform surgery to remove my tumor on the left side. I was told that. I would most likely lose my left kidney as well. I arrived in Indianapolis the day before surgery. I met with Dr. Einhorn in the morning before my meeting with Dr. Foster. After Dr. Einhorn took a look at my most recent CT scans he delivered some amazing news. The cancer was gone and my marker levels were back to normal. The remaining mass that we were seeing in the CT scans was dead scar tissue and did not need to be removed. It turns out that the chemo had continued to work during that month whilst we were waiting to Indianapolis for the surgery.

Here’s a photo of Dr. Einhorn and I just minutes after he told me the fantastic news.