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Staples were removed this week

I had my 44 staples removed from my stomach this week and although I was told it might hurt, it really didn’t. When I was in Indiana I was given a staple remover in case my local doctor here did not have one. My response to that was “If I go to my doctor and he does not have a staple remover already, I will go to another doctor!” What I did learn after the fact was that the nurse that removed the staples had only done it once before and that was in nursing school while practicing on an orange!! I have to give her full props on doing a great job!


Time to get things updated..

I have been out of the hospital now for a week. I have been recovering in many ways (physically, psychologically and emotionally) and think it is time to get this blog back on track and to address some of the things that I indented to do when I started it. I really want this to be something that others who are going into the RPLND procedure to have a way of seeing and hearing beforehand what they can expect, not to mention the ability for them to have a place to ask questions.

I have gone back in and added some footage and photos to older posts in order to help keep things in a time line.