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BEP Chemo Round – Day 9 – Round 1

7:00pm – O:0 N:0 T:0 P:0

I went into work today to have lunch with my colleagues and what a difference it makes to get out and see friends. I will be going into work tomorrow as well even if it is for a limited time. I did eventually become a bit queezy but that is to be expected due to all the meds going through me.

All in all, today was one of my best days thus far.


BEP Chemo Round – Day 6 – Round 1

11:30am – O:0 N:4 T:6 P:0

I thought I would update a bit while I was eating something. I am working from home today and have noticed that since I am not getting my steroid my body is really letting me know about the tiredness and nausea factor. The other noticeable thing is that I am EXTREMELY thirsty. Since I have been on IV hydration for the last week my body has grown accustomed to this level of hydration. I have been drinking as much water as I can to keep the same level going. Should be fun!

2:00pm – O:0 N:2 T:7 P:0

I got REALLY tired around 1:45pm. I needed to lay down it got so bad. I am also noticing some mouth sores.